The MYW Conference is a transformational Forum which aims to help professionals, entrepreneurs and upwardly thinking individuals, transit from a world of survival to that of significance.

The Conference which has been in existence for about 10 years has had a number of editions at different locations within Nigeria and also in some cities outside Nigeria such as London, South Africa and Dubai.

The Convener  – Niyi Eboda and some other notable and leading business experts such as Ibukun Awosika and Ayo Otuyalo  have taught principles that have helped increase the  productivity of participants,  propelling them to overcome personal inertia as they achieve their long held dreams.

Some of the previous themes include:

  • Developing Enterprise
  • Translating a good idea into a market ready Product
  • Steps… Into the Future
  • Shine!
  • Let’s talk Business
  • Expanding Horizons
  • Reversing the Negatives
  • Accelerate your success rate
  • Building a momentum of performance 
  • Going Places

Over the years, the conference has grown to become one that is always eagerly anticipated.

The MYW conference is a must attend; a forum that empowers participants with relevant information & sustainable inspiration . You can never leave a MYW conference constipating on detached information. Rather, you are fired up & ready to pursue your discovered possibilities in the spirit of no compromise!

Move your world conference is also a place where strategic and value adding alliances are forged.
So, if you have a discontent with status quo & a passion for MORE in life, you can’t afford to miss the next edition!