Before every individual are uncharted territories and unexplored possibilities!

Regardless of our current status or position there’s always a better position. There is always a better place, there’s always something higher to reach for and something better to aim at. There’s always a better way to do business, live life, impact our world and make a difference.

Excellence is a journey and not a destination. The possibilities that lie ahead of each individual are greater than the known and discovered ones.

Life is governed by Vision and in order to live a maximized and fulfilled life, we must be forward focused and not past possessed. We must refuse to be a victim of our experiences.

What we call the best is the enemy of the next. We can always break our own records and refuse to be limited by our past achievements or failures.

There are places to go and new frontiers to explore… Refuse to live an ordinary or average life! It was an experience many are yet to recover from.

If you have a discontent with status quo & a passion for MORE in life, you can’t afford to miss the next edition!

Stay Blessed!
Gbeminiyi Eboda
Convener, MYW conferences.