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The Change Factor, Abuja

Date: Sunday 23 November, 2014. Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Ladi Kwali Hall, Abuja.

Some events come and go while some never leave you the same and one of such was MOVE YOUR WORLD CONFERENCE, ABUJA. It was not only power packed but grace filled. GOD was indeed present. It was obvious that everyone encountered GOD at that event. It was a time of the unusual! A time to move from a park mode and engage our life’s gear in the forward direction!

Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda spoke on the Fundamental Principles that are required to experience CHANGE in Life. Progress is a function of change and the spirit of change is innovation, i.e the ability to respond to TOMORROW’S questions TODAY. Change is a process. A process that distinguishes the authentic from the cosmetic. The only alternative to change is extinction. Change always begins on the inside. You can experience change on four levels; the change that happens in you, the change that happens to you, the change that happens around you and the change that happens through you.

There are fundamental keys to CHANGE and when you know the KEYS you operate with EASE. In life you can either make excuses or make progress but you cannot make both.

‘Gbeminiyi Eboda defined True success as being at peace with yourself, at peace with your Maker whilst enjoying the love of your family and commanding the respect of your enemies.

Here are some other excerpts from the insightful teaching of the facilitator:

Success is not what you pursue but what you attract as a result of who you become.

To break through, you need to think through.

When you stop learning, you stop growing and when you stop growing you start dying. Hence there is a need to assume a learning position and alter your thinking pattern.

You have a destination to get to and to get there, there are steps to take and principles to live by. The C.D is a must buy for every aspiring individual!


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